AGEA has compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions about our services and products. The FAQ addresses questions our clients most commonly ask. If there are additional questions you feel we should address, please let us know. In addition to this FAQ, you can also read a general trading-related FAQ by visiting the following page:

1. Introduction to AGEA

This FAQ section answers your general questions on AGEA services.

1.1. What is AGEA?

AGEA is a financial services corporation specialized in providing traders with high quality online trading services. You can find an extensive profile of our company at page.

1.2. Where and how do I start?

Before you can start trading, you need to open an account with us (it is free) and download one of our trading platforms. To open your account, please visit and to download a trading platform please visit page.

1.3. Can I test your services first?

We strongly encourage users to practice with virtual money, for at least several weeks, before starting to trade on live trading desks. Each user gets virtual $10000 on the default Streamster platform after account opening and this virtual money can be used for practicing. There is no limitation on how long a user can trade virtual money only.

1.4. What if I do not understand legal statements?

Do not become our client until you have completely read, understood, and acknowledged the legal information on web site. If you do not completely understand some of the information, you may consult a competent legal advisor or contact us with specific queries at page.

1.5. How much money do I need to start?

We have no requirements for initial deposit on the default Streamster platform. When you verify your account, you get real $5 reward and virtual $10000 to practice trading on the default platform. If you want to open an account please go to and fill out the form there.

1.6. How can I partner with AGEA?

We have a very attractive affiliate program providing an opportunity for our customers and third-parties to make sizable commission earnings. Please read more about our affiliate program at page, where you can apply for the program as well. You would need less than 3 minutes to fill out the affiliate application form.

1.7. Can I open two accounts?

AGEA has very strict one person one account policy, although this master account can contain several accounts held on different platforms we offer. No matter if an account is in good standing or is cancelled or closed, we do not allow same person to hold two different accounts. If our administration system detects there are multiple accounts registered by the same person, such account holders will be required to provide supporting documentation. In case there are severe violations of this policy, AGEA may block any access to such users. This policy was introduced as a response to many related misuses AGEA has experienced in the past.

2. AGEA Account Services

This FAQ section answers your questions regarding AGEA account services.

2.1. How can I deposit funds to my account?

There are several deposit options we provide for our clients. Please check for more information. Digital currency deposits are automated so you see funds in your AGEA account instantly. Please make sure you follow online deposit procedures until their full completion so these systems correctly provide us with information on your deposits.

2.2. Where can I see my account information?

To see your master account information, username and account number, you can login to your Account Center at page.

2.3. Where are my billing transactions?

A detailed summary of billing transactions on your Default Desk can be viewed at

2.4. How can I change my contact information?

To change your contact information, please go to the page.

2.5. I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you forgot your password, you can recover it by filling out a password recovery form at page. If you cannot remember some of the information there, you can join our live support channel where we will be able to ask you additional questions about your account, and reset your password.

2.6. How can I change my password?

Please go to where you can change your master account password. Once you login to the Account Center, you can change password for access to any of your accounts on platforms we offer. For security purposes, we recommend you to change your passwords once per month.

2.7. How can I withdraw my funds?

We provide several methods for clients to withdraw funds. Please see more details on these methods. We also allow withdrawals to digital currency accounts that you have previously deposited from. Withdrawal process is never automated, for security purposes, but it usually takes 6 to 24 hours to clear.

3. AGEA Trading Platforms

This FAQ section answers your questions regarding the trading platforms offered by AGEA.

3.1. What trading platforms do you offer?

In order to trade at AGEA you have to use one of the trading platforms listed at page. We do not offer trading over the phone.

3.2. What Operating Systems do you support?

We offer our services through several trading platforms that can work on many different operating systems (OS). Please see page for more details on operating systems that are supported. Please also note that you can use virtuelization software (e.g. VMware) or various OS simulators if your OS is not directly supported.

3.3. What are the instruments I can trade?

AGEA provides trading services through several platforms listed on Please click on each of the platforms shown to get a list with detailed information on the instruments offered. The list of market instruments may change in the future.

3.4. What spreads do you offer?

Spreads between bid and offer (ask) prices are variable. For detailed information please visit page and select the platform for which you want to review spreads. Price spreads often unexpectedly change and greatly increase during weekends, in after-hours trading, in case of market-related announcements or market turmoil.

3.5. What are the live trading hours?

You can trade from Sunday 22:15 to Friday 21:00 GMT on Streamster and from Sunday 22:15 to Friday 21:00 GMT on MetaTrader 4 platform. Virtual trading on the default Streamster platform is open at all times. Please type GMT in to find out the current GMT time. The following approximate market schedule is based on GMT: Japan markets open at 00:00 followed by Singapore and Hong Kong that open at 2:00. European markets open in Frankfurt at 7:00, while London opens an hour later. New York markets open at 13:00 (NYSE opens at 14:00). European markets close at 17:00 and Australian markets start again at 23:00.

3.6. What leverage do you offer?

We offer various leverage depending on the platforms and account types listed on page. Please click on each of the platforms shown for more details.

3.7. Do you offer any other asset classes?

We currently provide trading services in market instruments listed on page. In case we decide to expand our services, you will be informed about such changes through our web site.

Send us your comments, suggestions and any additional questions you might have about AGEA services or products.

We look forward to receiving your input and developing content on this page to help you resolve any potential problem.

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