Invite Your Friends

AGEA's affiliate program is now more rewarding! Invite your friends to open an account with AGEA and earn extra money!

The awards are based on the number of verified accounts
affiliates referred in the previous month:

  • $1 for 1 new verified* account
  • $10 for 5 new verified* accounts
  • $20 for 10 new verified accounts
  • $40 for 20 new verified accounts
  • $200 for 100 new verified accounts
  • $1000 for 500 new verified accounts
  • $2000 for 750 new verified accounts
  • $4000 for 1000 new verified accounts

NOTE: All awards are quoted in USD (US Dollars)

Don't have an affiliate account yet? You can open it here

* A "verified account" is an account that a customer has opened with AGEA, logged in Streamster and verified by uploading required identification documents.

All account opening process including account verification must be performed by the account owner. Examples:

  • A. If you invite 12 friends to open accounts with us and verify them, you will receive $20.
  • B. If you invite 100 friends to open accounts with us and verify them, you will receive additional $200.

Your trading account will be credited in the first week of next month and you will be able to withdraw or use the funds to trade.

Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that this promotion provided by AGEA to Affiliate hereunder prohibits the practice of misuse by Affiliate through a misrepresented Affiliate-Driven New Client account that is opened by the same group of person in order to earn rewards from this promotion program. In the event of Affiliate misuses the promotion, Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that AGEA may in AGEA's sole discretion, permanently or temporarily close or suspend such Affiliate account and its related Affiliate-Driven New Client account.